Astrofoto Harz
Yet Another Mobile Observatory

Welcome to my astrophotography weblog.

This personal log was created to share my astronomical work with the public. I hope you will find many useful information or do simply enjoy the beauty of the galactic coastlines our spaceship earth is drifting along.

Amateur astronomy and astrophotography requires a fascinating mixture of disciplines, skills and even virtues like dedication, self-motivation and patience - the ability to live with drawbacks and frustration. These always has been the essence and motivation of people whose life is dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers and the gathering of knowledge. Like Charles Darwin and other countless adventurer, cartographers, explorers and scientists we sail the uncharted coastlines to map the universe's currents, shoals, islands and the numerous kinds of species populating soils, abysses and the vast open seas.

Astrophotography as an applied science involves a lot of practical skills and techniques like programming, data reduction and statistics, image processing, electronics, mechanics, optics - this all beside the scientific disciplines astronomy and astrophysics itself. Even meteorology and the ability to predict seeing conditions based on experience, satellite data, local knowledge and simulation can be accounted for.

Astrophotography is often described as a combination of science and art. In my opinion this perspective is a bit exaggerated. The art term has a far more widespread definition and hardly includes the unaltered unbiased reproduction and display of CCD sensor data. Because astro images are aesthetic to look on and often very colorful it does not mean this is art.

The Universe is the Art.

Thank you for your interest, Olaf